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Welcome to our website.

Ragomex is a company dedicated to the sale of land freight transport units such as Dry and Refrigerated Vans, Lowboy Platforms, Container Carriers, Tanks, as well as type A and type H dolly brands such as Wabash, Wingliner, Cometto, UST and Wade, among others.
We are located in Monterrey and we have a Patio and Workshop area in the city of Linares, Nuevo Leon, from where we serve our customers throughout Mexico.

Besides the benefits in Price, Quality, and Service that we will provide you in your Transport Unit Purchase, in Ragomex we can make any Special Adaptations that you need to transport your material safely and with the lowest operating costs. These adaptations, which range from changing floors, walls, special racks, and other accessories are projected through a process of Consulting and Engineering that we carry out as a team between the Manufacturer, You, and Us. This can be executed at the manufacturer's facilities, on your own facilities or at our Workshop and Patio area.

At the end of the process, you will not only receive a unit that still requires a process of adaptation for operation, on the contrary, you will receive a Transport Unit ready for operation from the moment it is released by Us.

We invite you to contact us, at Ragomex we have expertise in selling and adapting land transport units, and we are confident that we can provide any information and consultancy you need. Do not hesitate to call us at 01-800-8361169 or send us a message through this website so we can contact you.


  Caja Seca Duraplate Wabash  

Dry Vans>

Wabash Duraplate Dry Van Sale. Dry vans with the highest strength, durability, and more time on the road, not at the workshop.

  Remolque Automático Wingliner  

Automatic Wingliner>

With the Automatic Wingliner equipment, in less than 2 minutes you can load or unload your merchandise, reducing considerably operational costs.

  Plataforma para Trailer  
Trailer Platforms and trucks Sale, specially designed for Mexico, with high load capacity and the lightest on the market.

  Caja Refrigerada Wabash  

Refrigerated Vans>

Wabash Reefer Sale, with the lowest operating costs and maintenance of the market and the highest standards of safety and hygiene for food handling.

  Remolque Encortinado  

Curtain Trailer>

Traditional curtained system sale for platforms or lowboys, designed to easily load up through the sides, keeping the load as if it was a closed dry van.

  Drop Dreck  

Drop Deck>

Lowboy sale designed specifically for Mexico and for oversized cargo and heavy machinery transportation.


Commetto Units>

Commetto is an Italian company that is dedicated to manufacture special units to transport equipment from 100, 200, 400 up to 1500 tons.


Type A and H Dollies

Single axis or two axes Dolly Sale, manufactured with a high strength structure in both lances options, type A and H. Designed specifically for loads and highways of Mexico.


Chassis Container>

In Ragomex we handle UST container trailers, this equipment has proven its quality in Mexico and abroad.

Discover how with Duraplate we manage to maintain your dry box in operation and not in the workshop.

We make adjustments to the units for special applications.

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